Giving thanks for being home

FAYETTEVILLE The base is ready to serve a massive Thanksgiving feast for the soldiers that are here. 5,500 pounds of turkey alone are on the menu.

"The importance of this meal is to make sure everybody comes together as a family," explained Army cook Sgt. William Redding.

Nobody knows that better than Sergeant First Class Cornelius Snow. He manages the Smoke Bomb Hill dining facility. He and his wife have five kids. She is also a soldier and is deployed to Iraq.

"Matter of fact, I just got off the phone with her before I came to talk to you. And I'm thankful that she's safe," he offered.

Others echoed his thoughts.

I'm thankful for being back here - being at Fort Bragg - glad to be around family and friends and among my soldiers as we gather together to enjoy Thanksgiving once again," said Mess Sergeant Bob Eaton.

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