Thieves clear out homeless mission

November 30, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
Thieves in Wendell broke into the Helping Hand Mission just before Thanksgiving stealing everything from frozen turkeys to toys that were supposed to be given out during the holidays.Jayne Coley says she arrived at work, only to find they had broken the glass door and raided the toy closet, pantry and even took sound equipment from the church.

Last minute donations were made so they could have a Thanksgiving meal.

But now they are trying to replenish in time for the Christmas holiday. Sign-up began Monday for those needing assistance for food and toys for kids under 12.

Lela Bryant from Middlesex says she is upset someone stole from people who need it most.

"Things are so hard now people are doing anything, I don’t understand why they would want to take anything from kids," she said.

Volunteer Jayne Coley found the broken glass door where thieves got in

"Right here there was a door there was a part of a cedar block, out here and obviously they broke the window with a cedar block. What they got was new presents that came in for Christmas we had them stacked back here, doll in the box, all of that is gone."

They also reportedly took a sound system, frozen turkeys, canned goods and their microwave. The door cost $250 to replace, and they will have to work to get food and new toys in time for Christmas when they will give Christmas baskets out to 75 families in need.