Lightning sparks fire

CHAPEL HILL Firefighters say there was smoke and flames coming from the building when they arrived, but they got the blaze under control.

Andy and Sandy Grubbs and their two children live in the house. Grubbs was inside when the bolt hit.

"There was a bolt of lightning that came down and hit the center part of the chimney which is a non-masonry chimney, and created a fire in the basement," explained a firefighter.

The Grubbs family was renovating the home which is now heavily damaged. Once word reached the business where Grubbs' wife works, the sons of one of her co-workers showed up at the scene to offer a little comfort.

"We brought a cooler, some supplies. We got some Sprites, some water. I don't know just things that they can have while they're getting back on their feet," said Zack MacCarty.

Neighbors say the family likely lost everything but the most important thing: Their lives.

"We're just glad everybody's safe," said neighbor Mike Brogren.

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