Families board Snowball Express to Disneyland


Six-month-old Chance Spohn will never meet his father because Corporal Clifford Spohn died in 2007 while in Iraq.

Amanda Spohn and her husband decided to make arrangements to have a child by artificial insemination before the Corporal left for combat.

"I mean a lot of it was just that the plain aspect that, you know, he could get hurt over there," Amanda said. "You know, and they were. You know the shots and stuff could make them sterile and so we wanted a family. He was young."

Corporal Spohn would have turned 23 years old today.

Amanda and Chance joined hundreds of families of service members killed after 9/11 aboard the Snowball Express.

The planes are taking families to Disneyland in California.

"It's neat to just spend time with other military families who have experienced what we've experienced what we've experienced," participant Judith Andrews said. "They understand the pain and the sorrow. They understand the joy of being together and having a good time."

Elena Baez hopes the trip will provide the same for her family. She was married ten years before and IED killed her husband in Iraq.

"I have my days," Baez said. "But I've been pretty much getting through it. I'm doing good."

Fourteen-hundred surviving children and spouses are participating in the 4-day trip.

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