Wedding Woes

DURHAM Even more frustrating, their wedding photographer, Heather White, with Beauty is Found, displayed their wedding pictures on her website. After celebrating their first anniversary, White's website is the closest they've come to seeing their pictures.

"Our main concern is that she'll take the pictures down and they'll be lost forever," Conor said.

What's worse, Conor and his wife already paid the $3,000 in full before their wedding day. According to the contract, Seyward and Conor would have a DVD of all their pictures 90 days after they became husband and wife.

"It's been like 15 months," said Conor.

Conor says they called and e-mailed White but no pictures. Besides the DVD, they were also missing their wedding albums, along with their parents' albums.

"All she would have had to say is she's working on it, I'll have it to you. I wouldn't care if it was late, just as long as I knew it was coming," said Conor.

After celebrating their first anniversary, Conor said they had enough and turned to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

"At a certain point you give up because you've done everything in your power," he said.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson e-mailed and called White, she didn't respond to her, but Conor and Seyward heard from White. He says White told him, "I'm sorry I have no explanation of why it took so long. The DVD is on its way." Days later, the long awaited DVD arrived in the mail.

"We really love the pictures. Having the DVD is such a relief," said Conor.

The bad news is they still don't have their albums. Conor said the photographer claimed she's working on them. But so far - nearly a year and a half after the wedding - there's no sign of them. White still has not responded to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson's calls or e-mails, but she'll keep trying.

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