Cary Super Saver

Tammy Jacobson had proof she's a super saver. She has a whole wall full of freebies! Tammy says she never pays for rice, tea, condiments, pet food, shampoo, toothpaste just to name a few. She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "Very simple doesn't take much time at all." Tammy's like a growing number of shoppers who clips coupons every week. She also always walks by the bargain bins as she says she'll match the deep discount with a coupon and get it free or nearly free.

Another great tip from Tammy is to use coupons that save you money on regular-sized products that can be used to buy trial sizes, like band-aids, medicine, and mini-detergents. She says, "I use a regular coupon as long as it doesn't say not for trial sizes."

If you want to save on clothes, but love those name-brand clothes. Tammy knows a way to get them for 90% off. She bought a $64.00 girls winter jacket for just $3.00. She also bought $22.00 boys pants for just $2.00. Tammy says her trick is to shop at the end of the season, for the year ahead. Also watch the racks as she says some department stores have $1.98 sales. Plus, tack on the extra 10 to 20% off coupon from the paper, and they're basically giving it to you. And it's not just kid clothes. Tammy got Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne sweaters that retail for more than $60.00, but that's not what Tammy paid. She says, "All the sweaters I got I paid $4.99 or $6.00."

And now the grand prize in our super-saver sweepstakes. She saved thousands off a mini-van. How? She says, "We went to a dealers here and got a quote for a stripped down version that was high." So Tammy husband went on-line to and checked what dealers in other regions would offer as the best price and found a great deal at a dealership in Tennessee. She says, "We got a fully loaded mini-van, my husband flew out and drove it back and we saved thousands of dollars."

Another tip from Tammy is to ignore the people in line behind you, and be ready at the register. Know exactly what each item should ring up for, and point it out immediately if it doesn't. Some stores give you the item free if they ring it up wrong. Also when it comes to coupons, Tammy suggests putting them all in small little photo album and keep it in your car. This way you never leave home without them.

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If you're a Super Saver share your tips with us. Next week, we're working on free events to enjoy with your family. If you have a favorite one or know of a good deal let me know about it and we'll pass it along.

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