Parents to speak out at school board meeting

WAKE COUNTY Parents of more than 25,000 Wake County students are upset about the school district's latest school reassignment proposal.

Some have even worked on alternatives they say could help meet criteria set by school authorities. At the same time, school leaders say the plan is what's best for the county.

Parent Barbara Walsh has a son starting high school soon in Wake County and her preference for him is Apex High School.

"The balance of the people on our street, the children his age or just a year ahead, are all going to Apex High School and will be going to Athens High School," Walsh said.

Her concern comes after checking out the Wake County school system's latest reassignment plan.

Click here to read the latest reassignment plan.

Among the reasons cited by school authorities for moving students like Walsh's son, is the desire for economic diversity across the county's classrooms. But Walsh says that goal is met right now, in many cases.

"Our base elementary schools are both Title I schools. They have 40% free and reduced lunch, so experiencing diversity at Athens High school is not going to be anything new for our children," Walsh said. "In fact, they have a lower free and reduced number than our elementary and middle schools do."

She says mobile units should provide enough room for more low income students next year, without moving her son and other students who like the school.

"So I think that would be a good compromise, in elevating diversity at Apex High School," Walsh said. "I don't see, and I don't understand, moving children from one set of mobile unites at Apex High School to another set of mobile units at Athens High School."

Walsh says her main concern is what she calls "double reassignment."

She fears that the students moved from apex to Athens High will be assigned to Apex High three years later when western Wake County gets a new high school.

The public meeting is Monday evening at 6:30 p.m.

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