Woman killed in home planned to move

CANDLER, N.C. A relative said 44-year-old Divina Gracia Agulto had been renting the room in Candler since 2005.

Agulto's body was found Thursday along with the body of 49-year-old Angie Heatwole. A third victim, 43-year-old Lesley Curtis Moore Keogh, was found on the porch of a home next door. According to police, Agulto and Keogh were killed by blows to the head.

Agulto had planned to move in less than two weeks.

Police suspect Richard Heatwole was responsible for the killings, which stemmed from a divorce dispute. They say Heatwole fled the area with his two children and killed himself at a cousin's house.

The children were found safe.

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