Durham, Wake counties top Booze It & Lose It campaign

North Carolina has released their latest numbers of charges during the state's more than a month long holiday Booze It & Lose It campaign.

Durham and Wake counties combined for more than 600 drug violations; Durham led with 412 violations as Wake County rounded out 214.

Officials also revealed Durham County had 87 charges filed against drivers charged with driving while under the influence, while Wake County charged 279 drivers with that offense.

Along with those, the state tallied the total number of criminal violations among counties. Durham County had a total of 1712 violations, with 4649 total traffic and criminal violations.

Wake County, however, had a total of 942 total criminal offenses with 13,163 total traffic and criminal violations, which led the state.

For more statics in other counties across the state, visit North Carolina's Department of Transportation's Web site at www.ncdot.org.

This year North Carolina plans to hold several safety programs across the state.

    The Governor's Highway Safety Program Planning Calendar includes:
  • March 13-17 - Booze It & Lose It

  • March 30-April 5 - Operation Slow Down/No Need 2 Speed

  • April 26-May 4 - Safe Kids Week

  • May 18-31 - Click It or Ticket

  • June 29-July 5 - Booze It & Lose It

  • Aug. 21-Sept. 7 - Booze It & Lose It

  • Oct. 30-Nov 1 - Booze It & Lose It

  • Nov.16-29 - Operation Slow Down/No Need 2 Speed

  • Dec. 4, 2009 to Jan. 4, 2010 - Booze It & Lose It
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