Finances cause local golf course to close

SOUTHERN PINES Hyland Hills Golf Club in Southern Pines was forced to close its doors after its out-of-state owner was foreclosed on by its lender.

"Tragedy --this is one of the neatest little golf courses in all the Sandhills," golf instructor Bob Dougherty said.

The course off of US 1 was owned by Old Saybrook, a company in Connecticut.

Old Saybrook was foreclosed on by its lender forcing Hyland Hills to shut down just before Christmas.

"The economy and what's happened there and what happened here as far as the ownership," Dougherty said. "The guy just ran out of money and didn't want to put any more money into the place."

Doug Thompson has been the general manager at Hyland Hills for 22 years. He's worked for three different owners and has a house on the course.

"I do have a house out here. I think it's going just going to be a short term, if there's any effect at all. I think it's an opportunity for someone else to purchase the property," Thompson said.

Even though the golf course is closed, the management is hopeful for a new beginning.

"It is right here on the corridor to the best golfing venue here on the East coast," Thompson said. "We won't have to argue that. And I think that potential is going to be, somebody's going to realize that potential at some point and take advantage of that. And I look forward to that."

Thompson is hopeful someone will buy the course and have it up and running by the spring.

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