Arrest in Raleigh shooting

RALEIGH The 28-year-old was found shot in the 300 block of Camden Street. Officers say he was dead when they arrived.

The 15-year-old is being held at the Wake Juvenile Detention Center, and detectives have said very little about the killing.

The part of east Raleigh where the body was found is not far from an area where police have already been stepping up patrols in efforts to control the violence.

The death is now the talk of the neighborhood said longtime resident Sylvester Goins. He told Eyewitness News violence continues to rise.

"It's kinda hectic around here and what not. A lot of stuff being going on, and I hope it get better man. It's a new year and what not," he said.

Raleigh police are working to get a handle on crime in the neighborhood. They've targeted the North Tarboro Road area, increasing their presence there. It's less than three fourths of a mile from the Wright killing.

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker suggests more neighborhoods need the Tarboro Road kind of attention.

"It's gonna need to move to several areas and it's gonna kinda need to know where the problem spots are," he offered.

Meeker says his biggest concern is guns.

"The problem we're having really is that there are just too many guns on the street, handguns combined with robberies and the end result is too many murders," he explained.

Goins agrees. He says more police will help, but adds law enforcement can only do so much.

"They have been rolling a lot, just you know keeping their eyes open, but like I say man, stuff happens so quick now, they can't be everywhere," he said.

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