Husband of missing Granville mom seeks custody

GRANVILLE COUNTY Her husband Scott Morris - who detectives call a person of interest in the case - is seeking permanent custody of the couple's 5-year-old daughter Haley.

According to court documents, a judge has granted Scott Morris and his parents temporary child custody. The documents claim they are unaware of Kelly's whereabouts. It also suggests the case has hurt Scott Morris's towing business, leaving him unemployed and dependent on his parents for financial support.

The Morris's family attorney recently placed a legal notice in a local paper, giving Kelly 40 days after February 21, 2009 to respond to the child custody complaint. If she fails to respond, the court could grant permanent custody of her daughter to Scott and his parents.

Kelly's family declined to comment about the custody case. But, they remain focused on the search for any sign of the missing mother. Volunteers are welcomed at the Currin home on Old Weaver Trail Road every Saturday and Sunday. The searches now focus on abandoned wells in the surrounding area.

"We need closure," Juanita Currin told Eyewitness News. "Kelly's got two young children and they need to know what happened to their mother. She didn't just run away and leave them behind."

Anyone with information about Kelly Currin Morris case is urged to contact the Granville County Sheriff's Department.

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