Warrants suggest Young wore small shoes

RALEIGH They also say size 10 shoe footprints were found at the murder scene, and that Young's husband Jason had blisters on his feet that suggested he had been wearing shoes that were too small for him.

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Michelle Young, 29, was found beaten to death in her Wake County home in November 2006. Her young daughter Cassidy --who was 2 at the time-- was found next to the body.

There have been no arrests in the case, but investigators have focused on Jason Young. He has maintained he was out of town on a business trip at the time.

Much of the material in the warrants released Tuesday deals with information taken from three email accounts belonging to Jason Young and conversations he had with Michelle's father Alan Fisher.

The documents start with information on how Michelle's body was discovered. Investigators say her sister found her body when she went to the couple's house south of Raleigh at the request of Jason Young. He asked sister Meridith Fisher to go there to fetch eBay printouts from his computer that detailed the purchase of a Coach handbag that was supposed to be a surprise belated anniversary gift for Michelle. Detectives say the bidding for the items had actually ended before Young arrived at a hotel in Hillsville, Virginia where he says he was staying at the time of the murder, and he couldn't have purchased a handbag.

The warrant says Jason Young was told of his wife's death by her family on November 3, 2006. Detectives say when he spoke with them by phone, he refused to cooperate with the investigation and didn't ask if his daughter was okay.

"The conversation concludes with Jason Young hanging up on the investigator who is speaking with him," reads the warrant.

The warrant also digs into Jason Young's statements about his whereabouts at the time of the murder. He says he was a Hampton Inn in Hillsville, Virginia on November 2, 2006, but the warrant says a security camera shows him leaving by a side door at 11:58 p.m.

It says he made a cell phone call from the area at about the same time, and then made another call from the phone in Virginia the next morning at 7:40 a.m. The warrant says Jason Young has given investigators no information about his whereabouts for the seven hours in between.

The warrant says Jason Young was having an extramarital affair with a woman called Michelle Money before Michelle Young's death, and the two exchanged about 50 phone calls and text messages on the date of Michelle's murder.

"i feel lucky just to know you, much less love you, but i do," reads one message from Young.

After the affair became public, the warrant says Michelle Young's father Alan questioned Jason Young about it in a phone conversation. Alan Fisher says in an email that he was "put off" by Jason's response.

"Your response to me sounded similar to a prewritten statement to the press," reads the email.

"i need to know that you are being forthright [sic] with me. i do not condone a "relationship" with anyone other than your wife," it continues.

Jason Young writes back to say "I simply cannot address ANYTHING about the investigation. I am sorry and I hope you understand."

Later in discussions with detectives, Alan Fisher describes Jason Young as a chameleon.

"He is what you want him to be and he's got multiple personalities and he leads you to believe that that's the person he is," said Fisher.

The warrant says that detectives took a long look at Jason Young's computer. They found search engine searches for words like "anatomy of a knockout," "head trauma knockout," "divorce," and "Right posterior parietal occipital region." The searches were all done before the murder.

The warrant also says that during a search of the crime scene, footprints were found for a size ten shoe.

Detectives later took photograph's of Jason Young's feet and found blisters. A podiatrist "stated that the blister like irritations were consistent with someone who may have been wearing shoes that were too small for their feet."

Jason Young has not been charged in his wife's death. Michelle Young's family has sued him in civil court. Young did not show up for the case, and a civil judge ruled him responsible for her death - meaning he can't collect her life insurance.

In other developments just last week, Young agreed to share custody of his daughter Casssidy to Michelle Young's family.

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