Hope of finding a job starts to dwindle

CUMBERLAND COUNTY "Every time I come I hear the same names, so I know I'm not the only one," job seeker Tiffany Boatwright said. "And they're coming back as well as I am … week after week trying to find work."

For people like Boatwright, the economic crisis isn't about a multi-billion dollar stimulus package. It's about being a single mom with no job and mouths to feed.

"You know, I come looking for jobs," she said. "I've been looking. I give it about a month after I had my son. I've been looking ever since then and haven't been able to find anything."

Mayor Tony Chavonne hopes that's about to change.

The city is lobbying for its share of the president's stimulus package. The mayor says several proposed projects would provide jobs for scores of the unemployed.

Now the mayor says if the state gets its part of the multi-billion dollar stimulus plan, the challenge would be to make sure Fayetteville's part trickles down.

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