Mother says missing soldier in danger

FAYETTEVILLE Joseph Putnam has been missing from Fort Bragg in Fayetteville since February 10.

Police began investigating when they learned that someone had been using Putnam's ATM card, but they later said the person had Putnam's permission and turned the investigation over to the military and authorities in Arkansas.

Investigators say it appears Putnam went to Arkansas after his disappearance.

Putnam's mother says he arrived in Little Rock and called a friend to say he was trying to get to a Veterans Administration facility because he needed help. The friend says the call was cut off and Putnam hasn't been heard from since.

Putnam never arrived at the hospital and his mother says she has no idea where he might be. She says in addition to post traumatic stress disorder, Putnam may be suffering from alcohol poisoning and may appear disoriented or that he's having vision problems.

She also says he is not getting the medication that counselors at Fort Bragg had been giving him. She says that anyone who sees Putnam should contact authorities right away so he can get the help he needs.

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