Top Raleigh, Durham searches on Yahoo

Top Raleigh/Durham searches:
1. ACC Tournament
2. Dancing With The Stars
3. Charlotte Bobcats
4. Daylight Savings Time
5. Robin Williams

US Searches:
According to Yahoo! the top spiking searches are:
1. Dara Torres (Olympian)
2. Jillian Harris (Bachelorette)
3. Sleep Walking Dog (Viral Video)
4. Pink Dolphins (discovered animal)
5. Jon Gosselin (from Jon & Kate plus 8 reality show)

The greenest day of the year is almost here – St. Patrick's Day, of course! In celebration of the one day a year "everyone" is Irish, Yahoo! has seen a spike in specific searches relating to this popular holiday. In fact, searches for "when is St. Patrick's Day" have risen over 54% this week alone, with 55% of those searches from females. In addition, New York is the leading state for "St. Patrick's Day 2009" searches – additional information, including top "beer" searches, "green" searches, and "Irish" searches are included below.

Did you know?

  • Top states searching for "when is St. Patrick's Day" in the past seven days: New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, and Illinois
  • Chicago River Street is the most popular location search regarding St. Patrick's Day
  • Searches for "Guinness beer" are up 128% past 30 days
  • In the past seven days, searches for "St. Patrick's Day shirts" are up 83%
  • People are looking for kids activities – searches have increased 50% for "St. Patrick's crafts for kids" this week
  • While searches this month for "lucky charm" are up 974%, searches for everyone's favorite Irish cereal, "Lucky Charms" are also up 24%! The fastest moving "beer" queries in past 30 days are:
    1. Sierra Nevada
    2. Guinness
    3. Blue Moon
    4. Anheuser Busch
    5. Corona
    6. Sam Adams
    7. Heineken
    8. Bud Light
    9. Coors Light
    10. Miller Light

    The fastest moving "green" queries in the past 30 days are:
    1. "Green" eggs and ham
    2. "Green" Lantern Movie
    3. "Green" Day Lyrics
    4. Brian Austin "Green"
    5. Pokeman Lear "Green" Cheats
    6. Tom "Green"
    7. "Green" Bay Gamblers
    8. Al "Green"
    9. "Green" River Killer
    10. "Green" Background

    The fastest moving "Irish" queries in the past seven days are:
    1. Irish Euro Coins
    2. Irish Festival
    3. Irish Illustrated
    4. Irish Jokes
    5. Irish Leprechauns
    6. Irish National Lottery
    7. Irish Republican Army
    8. Irish River
    9. Irish Rose
    10. Irish Songs

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