Fate of state health care plan unknown

RALEIGH A state senate committee approved increases on premiums and co-pays. The senate could vote on it today.

More than 660,000 North Carolina employees, teachers and retirees depend on the state health care plan. People like Jane Gallo, who paid much more than she expected when she had to have emergency surgery.

"I had emergency surgery about 15 months ago and at that time, I had to pay out $1750 for co-payments," Gallo said. "This bill almost doubles that amount!"

Last week a senate committee approved premium and co-pay increases under the health care plan. The full senate postponed that vote Monday night, frustrating many workers.

"Imagine if you were a single parent and you've got a couple of kids that you're trying to take care of and you're on the state health plan," said Rep. Ty Harrell-D.

Gallo believes higher fees couldn't come at a worse time. "We know we're not getting a raise this year and we don't even expect one," she said. "At least I don't because of the economic situation. But don't put these burdens on me as well!"

Rep. Harrell says the situation is dire. ABC11 will let you know if the senate votes on the health plan today.

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