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RALEIGH There's a simple way to do just that, all you have to do is log onto

The Topakian household is a busy one and saving as much as they can is definitely part of mom, Patricia's plan. She says, "Any little bit helps now a day's." Patricia discovered the Web site It's a free personalized savings advisor that helps with your credit cards and cell phone plans. Once you log on, you enter what you're spending each month on your cell phone, your usage and plan information from your bill. Then hit the calculate button. Patricia adds, "They give you a list of 6 different companies and you can choose which one you want which is best for your family."

BillShrink not only compares the plans and rates of cell phone providers, it also shows you their signal strength in the area where you live and work, plus shows you the termination or hidden fees with each plan. The Topakian family has six people on their plan, and by taking a few minutes on BillShrink, they found a better plan actually with their carrier they're already using. Patricia says, "We're actually saving $700.00 a year which is a big difference in today's economy."

BillShrink works the same with your credit cards. It searches every credit card deal out there and finds the one that will save you the most money. The CEO of BillShrink says they'll save you money down the road. Peter Pham says, "We educate you not only about money saving now, but six months from now we'll let you know if something better comes along."

As for the gas you use, BillShrink, just launched a new service that helps you find the best station to fill up. It's based around your daily commute, you just enter your home and work addresses, type of car you drive and then BillShrink gives you a list of stations where you'll get the most for your money.

If you find a better plan on, you can make the switch immediately directly through them, as a rep says the rate is guaranteed since it's coming directly from the provider. If you're wondering how BillShrink makes money, they get paid by their retailer partners if you decide to sign up for new service. If you want to see if you can save money, check out The service is completely free.

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