Local woman loses 125 lbs

MORRISVILLE Less than a year ago, 27-year-old Tamara Harbison looked a lot different.

"I started at a weight of 260!" Harbison exclaimed. "Today I'm at a weight of 135."

In nine months, she lost 125 pounds.

"I had to change the way I view food," Harbison said.

She made the amazing transformation by following the book, "The Fat Smash Diet" by Dr. Ian Smith. Smith is the doctor behind the popular TV show, "Celebrity Fit Club." He also created the 50 Million Pound Challenge.

Harbison's mom told her about the diet. Her mother wanted to try the diet with her because it worked for her beautician.

So, Harbison said in order to keep her mom quiet, she agreed to try it. The first days of her new life began with a nine-day detox.

According to Dr. Smith, "You actually eat natural detoxifying foods that not only cleanse out the toxins in the body but will help you lose weight and lower the cholesterol levels in your body. Then there are three other phases [where] we add back different foods in the right portions and in glycemic index."

Harbison said the diet worked for her because she was always eating.

"I eat about 5 to 6 times a day," she said. "All day I'm eating. Everybody's like you are eating all the time. Now who knew that's what it would take to lose weight. To eat more, it just builds your metabolism, and he teaches you that stuff in the book and on the website."

Harbison's new found body has also led to some new found fame. She is featured in Essence magazine and is inspiring everyone she knows.

"I really dont have the words to express how much they motivate me to continue on my path and continue to tell my story," Harbison said.

She said she plans to continue telling her story and living her hearlthy life she discovered through The Fat Smash Diet.

To learn f more about The Fat SmashDiet, click here.

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