New movie shooting in Durham

DURHAM It was Hollywood spreading a little of its magic on the set of a major new motion picture that's being shot in Durham.

"Main Street" is set in a sleepy southern town and stars Colin Firth, Orlando Bloom, Ellen Burstyn, and Andrew McCarthy - to name a few.

"It's just like having rock stars in town. There are people calling us now because they're fans of Colin Firth," said Reyn Bowman with the Durham Visitors and Conventions Bureau.

The mansion - one of Durham's oldest - police headquarters and the old courthouse are just a few of the locations that filmmakers plan to use. The city is a favorite with Hollywood thanks to its rich architecture like old tobacco warehouses, mansions and other buildings that are eye candy for cinematographers.

"Production scouts love Durham," explained Bowman.

This will be Durham's 18th film, but Bull Durham is still the city's claim to fame among other blockbusters.

"I remember Morgan Freeman during Kiss the Girls. He was very focused, but his trailer was next to a school and he would go over there during recess and talk to little kids through the fence and they were excited," Bowman recalled.

City leaders are also excited. Hollywood movie sets can boost the local economy by millions of dollars.

Main Street will also be a treat for several local actors, extras, and of course all the adoring fans.

"It's really up to the production manager as to how close they'll get. They're probably more likely to see them when they come over for dinner or they're just walking around and their stunned when they're face-to-face with them," offered Bowman.

To get some tips on where production will take place, click here for the Visitors and Conventions Bureau website and click on the "Main Street" link at the bottom right.

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