Authorities return to river search

HARNETT COUNTY, NC The Moore County Sheriff's Office said searchers are riding boats in the river daily, looking for 6-year-old Ca'zhia McMillan.

In addition to their efforts, the North Carolina Highway Patrol has flown over the river several days, but was prohibited some this week due to weather conditions. Authorities say they continue to evaluate new ways to search for McMillan.

The Lower Little River is still several feet higher than normal.

The sheriff's office has reviewed every detail in this case and said it has no reason to believe that the incident did not occur exactly the way it was reported by the witness.

According to McMillan's playmate, the girl fell into the river on the afternoon of March 24 while playing along the riverbank. The playmate said she ran to get help as soon as it happened.

Last week, in an attempt to explore all possibilities, the McMillan family suggested that maybe something else, like an abduction, took place. However, authorities said they have considered all possibilities and believe McMillan fell into the water as described by her friend.

The family has been under a lot of stress, waiting as crews search for the 6-year-old. Authorities have had to suspend the search several times since the 24th, due to rain and unfavorable search conditions.

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