Troubleshooter: Small Business Not Getting Paid

CUMBERLAND COUNTY “They promised us within 30 days they would have us paid, and they did not,” offered Jackie Hall with Hall’s Tree Service.

Hall said she was able to get a hold of the owner of Premise Networks, Inc but it did not get any results.

“He kept giving me the runaround about why it wasn't getting paid, and he and this other company had a falling out. It’s just not my fault,” said Hall.

For a small company, the unpaid $4,000 was serious.

“When you've already paid your employees and the other stuff that goes along with each job, that's a big check and we needed to get that back,” said Hall.

When 30 days turned into 90 days, Hall got in touch with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. She talked with the owner of Premise Networks, Inc, and he did admit to owing Hall's Tree Service the money and said they would get it.

“I got my check paid within four days of him speaking with you,” said Hall.

That’s a welcome relief that helped Hall’s Tree Service pay their bills.

The owner of Premise Networks, Inc told us the problem with payment stemmed from his company having trouble getting paid for the original job on their end.

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