Battle brewing over Jordan Lake

DURHAM COUNTY On Monday, more than four dozen people took the podium hoping to pressure Durham County Commissioners into revisiting changes to watershed maps around the lake.

"We believe we should be doing all we can right now to strengthen the protection of Jordan lake and not to be weakening it," one resident said.

The county has relied on maps created in the mid 1970s before the lake was full, but in recent years developers around the lake commissioned studies and showed the boundary had changed.

This year the state approved the developer's new map and now supporters say the change should be official so new developments can be given the go-ahead. But others disagree, they're calling for an independent survey and say Jordan Lake is threatened.

"What is at stake here is a very important regional water source, drinking water to almost 400,000 people including Durham," another resident said.

But some say they are not willing to pay for another survey when two surveys have already been done on the issue.

For now, commissioners have voted to follow procedure which includes a series of public hearings and could involve commissioning another survey.

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