Pink slip party offers job opportunities

RALEIGH Dozens of people who have become victim to the tough economy and have lost their job gathered at Zydeco in City Market in downtown Raleigh for a chance to get back on their feet.

Organizers invited companies currently hiring in the Triangle to meet with job seekers on Tuesday.

"The goal is to make people comfortable to come here and network, just a real sense of ease when they come into the door since typically job fairs kind of tense, you want to come in here and be a little more relaxed," Rachael Boone with Solutions Coaching said.

"I'm in the know I'm always networking, I know people that's how I got my first job," Marlyne Silver said.

Silver just got married, now she's moving from New York to North Carolina to be with her husband.

"I got here to Raleigh and I've got to hit Craigslist and look in the papers," she said.

She says it's overwhelming; getting passed the gate keeping is the biggest hurdle. But Tuesday's job seeing soiree is helpful.

The laid back atmosphere offered a chance to get to know the company and for the potential applicants to ask questions and have their resume critiqued.

Beverly Widler says she is looking for leads. She was let go from IBM in January after 26 years with the computer giant.

"I'm taking classes now, really trying to hone my interviewing and resume and job search skills," jobseeker Wilder said. "It took me for a loop, I have to be honest I was a little down, I'm okay now I think."

She says she is getting back on her feet, getting back her confidence and getting back in the game.

"I'm really focusing on getting out there and finding the right position," Wilder said.

Organizers say they are planning on hosting another event on June 16.

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