Local city cracking down on crime

FAYETTEVILLE Earlier this month, Police Chief Tom Bergamine unveiled a 65 point plan to fight crime to city leaders. Now he and his crime prevention officers are selling the plan to residents, recruiting them for community watch groups.

Chief Bergamine held his third community meeting this month on Wednesday night to make residents aware of the growing crime problem.

The latest crime stats show another spike in break-ins in the western part of the city.

Dave Gura's neighborhood is one area police say crime has increased and that worries the Fayetteville resident.

"My biggest fear is I would not be home and somebody would in the house while my wife is there," Gura said.

Crime victim Charlotte Kolvenback worries too, but she came to a public crime forum Wednesday, she says to find out why police are slow to respond when she calls for help.

"My car got broken into, an hour later they (the police) called me back and nobody came to my house," Kolvenback said.

Citizens and community leaders voiced their concerns Wednesday after a 30 percent jump in robberies and break-ins.

Many times watch commanders say those are crimes of convenience because cars and homes were left unlocked.

"People leaving valuables, jewelry, GPS, Laptops, purses inside vehicles unsecured, tempting the criminals," Watch Commander Capt. Anthony Kelly said.

Chief Bergamine is telling residents that community watch groups are critical to his crime fight plans.

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