Gym closes without notice

KNIGHTDALE The Peak Fitness in Knightdale shut its door this week without notice. Members showed up to work out, but instead found no gym equipment and a sign telling them their memberships will be honored at another Knightdale gym right down the road.

According to Knightdale Peak members, the other gym does not offer all the same services - like a basketball court.

Peak Fitness has been the center of an investigation of the North Carolina Attorney General's Office and recently, some of their gyms have also declared bankruptcy.

The AG's office says customers have specific rights under North Carolina law when a gym shuts its doors.

It says when a health club closes, it can transfer your membership to another club as long as the new club is within eight miles of the old one and is substantially similar to the closing club.

For example, substantially similar would mean that if the old health club had a pool, the new one does, too.

If your club closes and you aren’t given the opportunity to switch to another club that is substantially similar, customers can file a complaint with the NC Attorney General’s Office.

In many cases, North Carolina law requires health clubs to purchase a bond and file it with the AG's Office. If a customer paid for health club membership in advance and the club shuts down without offering to transfer you to a similar club, the AG's Office may be able to help get a refund.

For more information, read NC law on pre-paid entertainment contracts such as gym memberships.

More Information for Peak Fitness Consumers

The Attorney General and Peak Fitness reached a settlement in January of 2009 which gives consumers some additional rights.

If a Peak Fitness gym closes within 90 days after you entered into or renewed a contract with Peak, you can get a prorated refund from Peak.

To claim your refund, contact Peak Fitness:

Phone: (704) 896-5521

Fax: (704) 896-5741


Address: P.O. Box 2220 Davidson, NC 28036.

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