37-year-old valedictorian

FAYETTEVILLE Wells is a 37-year-old single mother with five daughters - two of whom have special needs.

Nonetheless, of the nearly 500 graduates in FSU's class of 2009, she is number one. She says she couldn't have made it without the help, support, and love of her girls.

"We work hard. It's very structured in the afternoons where we are all doing our work together a lot of times. And then I'm pretty much during late nights doing my own work because I have to work pretty hard with some of them," she explained.

The twins are seven. Jakayla is eight. Janiqe is 12 and Dupresha is 15. Ss you might imagine, the girls are very proud of mom.

"She really has inspired me to do good in school. I want to be valedictorian one day myself. I want to become a lawyer and hopefully work on my singing. While doing that - make partner at a good law firm," said Dupresha Townsend.

While Wells is naturally an inspiration to her children, she also sends a strong message to other parents who are thinking about going back to school.

"The education is worth it all. To show your children that you can succeed and whatever you put your mind to - you can do it," she said.

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