Troubleshooter: Furniture Fiasco

LITTLETON The problem started in February when Discount Quality Furniture tried to deliver furniture she ordered online.

"They tried to get it in every way they could," Johnson told Troubleshooter Dianne Wilson.

But as it states on the delivery receipt, the sofa wouldn't fit in the front or the back door of Johnson's home - something she was upset about because she says when she ordered it, she specifically asked the sales rep if it would fit through her standard 36 inch door.

"Yes it will fit. We have a professional team don't worry about it. That furniture will fit in your door," Johnson claims she was told.

But since that didn't happen, the furniture went back to Discount Quality Furniture. Since she already paid in full for the furniture, Johnson made the drive to their showroom in Thomasville, to pick out other furniture, but found nothing.

"I asked if I could get my money back," she recalled.

It's then Johnson learned, she would be charged a 30 percent restocking fee - an amount totaling close to one thousand dollars. Not happy, Johnson contacted the NC Attorney General.

The furniture company responded to them by contradicting what their delivery driver said and insisted the sofa would fit through the door - instead blaming it on an obstacle 4 feet inside Johnson's door.

"I do not have any obstruction in here," Johnson showed Eyewitness News.

We took a look and found no obstacle inside her door, just a small piece of furniture that can be moved.

So with no furniture or her money back, Johnson contacted Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. It took some time and many phone calls, but Discount Quality Furniture re-delivered her furniture, this time having to cut off the legs of the sofa to get it to fit through the door. The legs were re-attached and Johnson's now happy to finally have what she paid for.

"I’m happy I have something to show for my money," she said.

Discount Quality Furniture does say on its website that all returns are subject to a 30 percent restocking fee. Johnson claims it wasn't there when she ordered the furniture. The president of Discount Quality Furniture told us they just want to make their customer's happy and do whatever it takes to do that. He also added they were always willing to re-deliver the furniture.

If you’re in the market for furniture and ordering online or without seeing the furniture, be sure to ask all the questions and get the policy's in writing before putting any money down.

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