Taste is supporting Durham

Hordes of patrons put their taste buds to the test Saturday at the Taste of Durham festival to see where they will eventually open up their wallets.

And Abrams Barbeque stand, a local restaurant chain, had the longest line at the festival.

"It's been great," Abrams Barbeque owner Gerald Abrams said. "We've been slamming all day."

Abrams says not only have people lined up ready to pay for some ribs and BBQ, but his restaurants in Tarboro, Greenville, Pinetops and Wilson have been steady.

"High-priced menus might be down a little bit," Abrams said. "Our's are sort of meant for the average person and we try to keep good quality and fresh food there."

Abrams head chef James Andrews says he believes people are always willing to save and spend for their favorite meal.

"People are still coming to eat probably because the food is so good," he said. "They come where they're spending their last penny."

There were plenty of other local restaurants buzzing with people ready to pay for their piece of culinary heaven.

The owner of Carmen's Cuban Cafe in Morrisville says they're not recession proof, but they're definitely bucking the trend when it comes to shrinking sales.

"We've actually been pretty steady and actually still going," the owners said. "I fell more people knowing where we are and that we're here has helped us."

And some people may not be eating out as much as they used to, but restaurants are offering great deals to try and lure more customers.

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