Neighbor awakens couple in burning home

RALEIGH The two-story home is located in a neighborhood off of Strickland Road in Raleigh.

Homeowners Sue and Jim Thompson told Eyewitness News they had lived in the home since 1980. According to Jim Thompson, who is a pharmacist at the Hayes-Barton Pharmacy in Raleigh, he and his wife were asleep when the fire started.

Thompson said initially he woke up because he heard a strange noise, but after looking around and looking outside, he did not see anything.

He went back to sleep and was awakened a second time by a neighbor knocking on the door. The neighbor was driving by and saw smoke and fire coming from the house.

Thompson said the house has smoke detectors, but the fire appears to have started in a back porch area. The couple was asleep in an area of the house which is located on the opposite end of the porch.

The fire is under investigation and officials have not determined a cause. No one was injured.

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