Troubleshooter: Tree Problem

DURHAM Workers brought down all the trees she and the company agreed on, but that was it.

"Their contract stated [they were] allowed 72 hours for stump removal," Glover explained.

Glover paid in full and says her check for $785 was cashed the same day the trees were cut. But come 72 hours later:

"They came back Friday, cleaned all trees out of our yard, ground up our neighbors stumps, and left. We figured they would go get lunch and be back," said Glover.

But she says that never happened, and she was left working the phone.

"I called on and off for three weeks straight," she recalled.

She says it was tough to get a hold of the owner, and when she finally did:

"The grinder broke down and he was trying to catch up and try and get out, but if not, be out there first thing next morning," said Glover.

But Glover says B&R never returned, so she called Troubleshooter Dianne Wilson.

She got in touch with the owner and he made Glover very happy.

"Came out here today and got the job done and let me know he was finished," she said.

This case isn't the first time Eyewitness News has gotten complaints about B&R. In all cases, once we gave the owner a call, he did get the job done.

He told us he's a good businessman, but admitted to not always being very good communicating with his customers.

He said the delays in grinding the stumps were because his grinder broke down and the repairs took longer than expected.

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