First case of Swine Flu found in Wake

RALEIGH The woman - who is in her 40s - has been told to stay home until she recovers.

They don't know how she got the virus, because she hasn't traveled recently. But they don't think the public is at risk.

"As part of our public health response we do know of all of her contacts and so we'll be tracing her contacts," Community Health Director Elizabeth Tilson said. "And this specific woman has had very few contacts so it's been easy, very little public exposure."

This is the Triangle's fourth case of Swine Flu in recent weeks.

Health experts say Swine Flu has symptoms that are generally not much different regular flu, and there's usually no need to go to a doctor unless symptoms become severe.

U.S. health officials said Monday a swine flu vaccine could be available as early as October, but only if vaccine production and testing run smoothly this summer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began shipping samples to manufacturers in the past several days.

The government will have to review the safety and effectiveness of what's produced, and decide if a vaccination campaign is warranted.

October is about the time seasonal flu vaccine campaigns generally get rolling. CDC officials reported more than 8,500 probable and confirmed cases in the U.S., including 12 deaths and more than 500 hospitalizations.

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