Wake teachers rally against cuts


The color helped members of the North Carolina Association of Educators sound off about deep cuts in education spending.

Members usually wear red on what they call "War Wednesdays."

"We really do feel like we are under attack and we want to be sure that all of our members are doing everything they can back in their locals to carry that message," said Sheri Strickland, NCAE President.

The cuts could eliminate up to 8,000 teaching jobs while helping the state handle a $4.5 billion deficit.

Strickland said it is a slap in the face from Governor Beverly Perdue, who is a former educator.

"Everybody in this state has a right to be upset," Perdue said. "I'm upset as a citizen and a mom and a grandma."

But the Governor said the cuts are necessary to close the multi-million dollar budget gap.

Strickland and other teachers were at the Legislative Building in Raleigh from 3 to 6 p.m. wearing red and sitting in the gallery.

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