Bragg demolishes infamous barracks

FORT BRAGG The condition of the buildings was in the national spotlight last year when the father of a paratrooper posted video on YouTube.

Thursday, a huge crane made short work of the buildings.

"We've got four we've got to clear out in order for the footprint of the new build. So once we get those four cleared out, we'll be starting the foundations," explained construction foreman Allen Hand.

The Army ordered the buildings torn down after the angry father of an 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper posted video of the barracks online. The man's son and his unit had just returned from 15 months of duty fighting in Afghanistan.

"The second floor toilets have overflowed and there's over three inches of water on the floor. I don't need to tell you what the brown water around the floor drain is," said Edward Frawley in his video narration.

Click here to see the shocking video

The barracks were scheduled to be torn down in 2011, but because the Department of the Army accelerated the project, the new barracks will be completed by then.

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