Fox that bit child had rabies

DURHAM The girl was bitten on the leg while outside the Westminster School for Young Children on Old Chapel Hill Road.

The child will now have to undergo a series of injections to keep her from developing the disease - which is usually fatal.

Animal Control is working with a wildlife agent to attempt to trap a den of fox pups near the school grounds that's believed to be the offspring of the rabid, female fox.

Two baby foxes were captured in the traps Wednesday morning.

"There is a risk that the offspring may also be carrying the rabies virus, so the goal is to remove the risk from the immediate area," said Animal Control officials in a news release.

The baby foxes will be euthanized and not released back into the wild.

Animal control officials say the incident is also a warning to pet owners that they need to have their animals protected against rabies. Any exposure to a wild animal that's infected can spread rabies to a pet.

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