Budget cuts leave mess

RALEIGH The state no longer pays overtime for cleanup crews to police the city's Bicentennial Mall, so a weekend's worth of paper and bottles greeted folks on their way to work.

"This is bad this morning, it really is. It's not usually that bad," offered worker Don Delozier.

The garbage meant a free meal for the city's crow population. The mess surprised some.

"Why is there trash everywhere?" asked worker Amanda Foster. "Because normally, during the morning, it's immaculate out here. And it's not looking that way right now."

"I'm disgusted. It looks bad. It doesn't give a good impression to anyone," said Deborah Ojeda.

The mess didn't stay long. Just before 8 a.m., a cleanup crew arrived and got right to work. Workers say it would help if people used the handy garbage cans for the public.

"Put your cans in the can recycling bin, plastic in the plastic recycling bin. It would help out a whole lot, keep the place looking a whole lot better!" said cleanup crew chief Donald Harris.

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