'Groper' was not registered

RALEIGH "He failed to comply with the sex offender registry requirement," Prosecutor Melanie Shekita told a judge on Tuesday.

Dorn was in court for his most recent crimes of groping women at the Wal-Mart in Brier Creek and the Harris Teeter on Falls Of The Neuse.

On Tuesday, Eyewitness News searched for Dorn on the sex offender registry -despite knowing eight of his indecent exposures wouldn't show up since they're only misdemeanors- because he should have been registered for a sexual battery conviction from a year ago.

"We put the onus on the defendant in that particular case to do it and it doesn't look like it was ever done," Shekita said.

So she took the information to the judge, who then warned Dorn his explanation could be used against him.

"My attorney never told me I needed to register," Dorn told the judge. "He said he didn't think that was a registerable offense. He said he'd contact me if it was and I never was contacted. So it was negligence. It wasn't purposely done in denial."

Dorn also told the judge he'd been in therapy for his sex issues, but had to stop when he was jailed.

"I'd like to ask for a bond reduction so I can go out and start therapy on the outside so there are no more victims in the future," Dorn said.

The judge wasn't sympathetic and upped his bond to $125,000.

After the hearing, Dorn's father told Eyewitness News his son called him about his recent arrest.

"He said, 'Dad, I didn't do this,' and I said, 'yes, Ken, you did'," his father said with a deep breath. "It's very hard."

Dorn's father said there was a reason his son had eight indecent exposure convictions and convictions for sex assaults and stalking.

"My son was the victim of sexual abuse from age two to age 12 by an outside family member," he said.

Prosecutors and the judge expressed concern that someone with eight indecent exposure charges alone wouldn't have to register as a sex offender. They said the legislature should take a closer look at the issue.

Court officials said they expect to have Dorn on the sex offender registry by Wednesday.

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