Theater owners oppose tax

RALEIGH The local affiliate of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) said Wednesday that a new tax would be an unfair burden.

"Going to the movies is one of the last affordable forms of recreation for many families," said Marie McClaflin of NC/SC NATO. "This tax will increase the price of the movie-going experience for families, and could put it out of reach financially for some families."

Under a proposal now under consideration in the North Carolina Legislature, the tax on tickets would jump from 1 percent to 7 percent - putting it in line with the sales tax charged on most other items North Carolinians buy.

McClaflin said the increase would push up the average price of a movie ticket as much as $1.60 for a family of four.

"Many of our theatre members are struggling to provide value to economically-challenged patrons," said McClaflin. "By adding additional costs to tickets, more families will be forced to stay at home instead of enjoying a movie and snack in a theatre. The result could be more theatres closing their doors."

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