Butcher shoots man in store

LAURINBURG Laurinburg is about 2 hours drive south of Raleigh near the South Carolina border. The shooting happened at the store on East Church Street around 8 a.m.

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Police investigators identified the alleged shooter as 28-year-old Aubrey Odum and the dead man as 35-year-old Brian McLean.

They said McLean was dating the butcher's ex-girlfriend and went to the store to confront him.

"The employee here is an ex-boyfriend of a female - they have children together - and the victim is the current boyfriend, and basically came up here to cause a disturbance with the suspect. I don't know if he had a weapon. We haven't found any weapons or anything of that nature, but he suspect did have a weapon with him here at work," explained Chris Young with the Laurinburg Police Department.

After Mclean went to the back of the store to confront Odum, there was some type of argument. Detectives say Odum came from behind the counter with a 9mm pistol and shot McLean multiple times at point blank range.

Witnesses say customers and other employees ran for their lives.

"Disarray, panic inside the store. Pretty much everyone just kind of duck and hid and tried to protect themselves," said Young.

Nobody else was hurt.

Odum then calmly went to the local police department and turned himself in. He's now charged with murder. Odum is being held without bond at the Scotland County Jail.

"Pretty good guy, haven't had anyone else say they've had any problems with him. I do not know of any problems with anyone else. But again, this is early in the investigation so we really don't know yet," said Young.

Police say Odum and his ex have children together ages 1 and 4.

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