Family says don't rush to judgment

RALEIGH Speaking through a spokesperson with the Muslim American Society, Boyd's wife Sabrina said the charges have not been substantiated.

"Just because something is said in the media does not make it so. I have raised my sons to be good people and we are a good family. Indictments always seem factual in their appearance. But, to rush to judgment is not a part of the process. And we kindly ask for the right to defend the charges alleged on my family," she said.

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Sabrina Boyd also spoke about her husband's time in Afghanistan in the late 1980s and early 1990s where he fought against Soviet occupation.

"She says her husband was there fighting against the Soviets with the full backing of the U.S. government. She doesn't want Afghanistan to be used to connect him with any type of terrorism," said Sabrina Boyd through spokesperson Khalilah Sabra with the Muslim American Society.

The Muslim American Society says it worries that the charges will reflect on the larger Muslim community in the Triangle.

"It's shocking and it's sad. Anytime someone from the Muslim community is indicted on charges, of course, it affects all of us as a whole. We know that Islam is always under the microscope and this type of situation causes the religion to be misinterpreted," said Sabra.

Sabra said Muslims don't support terrorism and want to see justice done.

"In the event that anyone participates in any violence or terrorism, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And that court will determine the judgment over those defendants if proven guilty," she said.

Later Tuesday night, Sabrina Boyd told CNN that "as far as the other allegations, I find no fault and I know that my husband and my sons are free of guilt; and I'm hopeful that the truth will come to light."

"What I do know that he did is that he purchased weapons legally like many Americans do, and most Americans in Johnston county have, are armed," she said. "I have not been allowed to speak to my husband and I have not been allowed to speak to my eldest son. I did speak with my son, Zakiryah this morning. It was difficult; I could not even track them down. I did finally get a phone call; they allowed him one phone call."

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