Getting started now on Bragg Xmas

FORT BRAGG "Some folks will be leaving just before the holidays. Some will start returning just after. But right around Christmas itself - in terms of that two or three week period - we're looking at about 50-percent," Col. Steve Sicinski explained.

In the spirit of being voted America's most pro-military town by Time magazine, several community organizations - along with Fayetteville Cares - have launched Operation Holiday Cheer.

They plan to send 15,000 care boxes to the troops this holiday season. The boxes will be packed with a variety of toiletries, snacks, and other holiday spirit-lifters. Organizers say there are several ways the community can help.

"They can volunteer to help us pack the boxes. They can write a note that'll go in the box, or they can go into Food Lion and buy products that'll go in the box," said Joanne Chavonne with Fayetteville Cares.

In order for Fayetteville Cares to pull of Operation Holiday Cheer, they're going to have to raise at least $300,000. And to help do that, the local Chevy dealers are giving away not one, but two vehicles.

"We're going to help with the raffle. They're going to raffle a car to raise money to pack the care packages. And then we're going to give away a car to one of the lucky soldiers or airmen who are deployed in March," said Mike Lallier with Carolina Chevy Dealers.

That prize will be a great incentive for the troops. Just another great reason to look forward to coming home to a military community that really cares.

"And all it does is highlight the fact that Fayetteville is probably the most military friendly city in America. I think the reputation is well deserved," said Sicinski.

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