Russ Parr bus tour rolls into Raleigh

RALEIGH Russ Parr's fans usually wake up to his radio show in the comfort of their homes. Wednesday morning the back to school bus attracted happy crowds to Dorton Arena, but the event is much more than a morning party.

"The big thing is we are trying to motivate the kids to get them excited about going back to school, because all summer long you've got idle minds which kind of sets them back a bit, so we try to entertain them at the same time say it's time for school , let's get our heads right," Parr explained. "And let's get it together so it's a good opportunity to reach out to kids in the neighborhood."

Parr and his national tour are bringing a message with music performed by Hip-Hop and R&B artists for young people everywhere.

"What I'm trying to do is convey to them that you don't have to be one thing," Parr explained. "You don't have to be a rapper. Why not be a doctor, a scientist or therapist or whatever? I don't want kids to get locked into being put into a box."

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