Doctor suggests Castillo not psychotic

HILLSBOROUGH The prosecution is using an Eyewitness News story from the day of the shooting.

Eyewitness News was present the day deputies arrested Alvaro Castillo.

Castillo said, "He made us suffer all his life. Someone had to put him out of his misery."

When asked, "What did he do to you?" Castillo responded, "He abused me and my family. He was abused too."

Castillo claimed he was a victim of abuse. He told ABC Reporter Tamara Gibbs that he shot and killed his father and then took aim at students who were having lunch at Orange High School in Hillsborough.

His answers are being used against him in court.

A mental health expert for the prosecution testified that Castillo's responses and other evaluations suggest he knew exactly what he was doing that ill-fated day in August 2006.

"It was my best judgment that he did not have psychotic symptoms," UNC Psychiatrist Karen Graham testified Monday.

But defense experts disagree saying Castillo didn't know the different between right and wrong.

Tuesday the prosecution called another expert witness to the stand to review Castillo's journal. One of the D.A.'s witnesses contends the diary is not that of a mad man.

"When you look at that statement, there's really nothing delusional or psychotic about it," Psychiatrist Nicole Wolf testified Tuesday.

Testimony ended for the day around lunchtime and will reume Wednesday.

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