Church sees light after tragedy

DURHAM The charred shells of the vehicles torched by vandals early Friday still sit on Fellowship Baptist Church's property.

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Pastor Rick Finley says the buses are a vital link between the church and people who otherwise might not make it to services there.

"But then God provided, many of you called, said 'Pastor, I'll pick people up Sunday in my car,' but then that wasn't necessary, because of the generosity of some of our sister churches," Pastor Rick Finley said.

West Hills Baptist Church out of Hillsborough loaned two buses to Fellowship Baptist Church and another replacement bus was loaned by a Durham church on Sunday.

Pastor Finley said when he heard about the offer from the Liberty and West Hills Churches he was grateful.

"I was thankful that I had Christian friends," he said. "You know, so many times churches find themselves seemingly in competition with each other, and we're not! We're all working together, trying to help our communities."

Pastor Finley said that includes the vandals who ruined four of Fellowship's buses.

"We'd love to be a help to them, and we'd love for them to come and visit out church," he said. "They are much more important to us than machinery and we're here to try to help people."

Authorities are asking the public for help from anyone who can lead them to the vandals.

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