Rain doesn't stop Palin supporters


A huge crowd gathered and waited in line, some overnight, to see the former Alaskan governor and former Republican vice presidential candidate.

Rosemary Haney couldn't believe she was number one of about 1,000 people who waited to see Palin.

"I just wanted to be in the thousand," Haney told ABC11 Eyewitness News," but when I saw that I was here, I got really excited about being first."

Everyone who showed up was excited about the chance to see the former vice presidential candidate and some hope to see her on a presidential ticket again.

"One day she'll be president, and I'll have a signed book!" Haney exclaimed.

Civilians and soldiers seemed undaunted by the line that snaked around the North Post Book Exchange before Palin arrived.

Mable Moses drove from Lumberton and said the location didn't matter.

"Even if it was over in Fayetteville, I'd probably be standing there, too!" Moses said excitedly.

And when she finally meets Palin, she's another fan who says if Palin's on a 2012 ticket, Palin has her vote.

"I'll probably be at a loss for words," Moses said. "I'm ready for her, if Hillary don't run. If Hillary don't run, I'm a Sarah Palin lady."

Palin did not address the media or her fans when she arrived at the book store. Last week Fort Bragg officials say they were worried that the signing would turn into a political platform and encourage rowdy protests against President Barack Obama, so they restricted the media from the event.

Bragg officials later changed their minds and allowed access. A media attorney explained to ABC11 why the base never should have tried to keep the media away.

"You have a situation in which members of the public are coming in, 90 percent of those people have cell phones, and 90 percent of those cell phones have cameras built in," media attorney Amanda Martin said. "It's unobtrusive. There's no reason to say to a reporter, that you can't take a picture with your camera but someone else who's come with her book to have it signed can use their cell phone to take a picture and put it up on the web, or YouTube."

Those who attended the book signing had to bring their own book. "Going Rogue" was not for sale at the book signing.

Palin's first stop after she arrived in NC last night was the home of Rev. Billy Graham. Palin and her family traveled to Montreat for a private dinner. Graham's son arranged the dinner.

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