Fort Bragg wives react to Afghanistan decision

FORT BRAGG While many families will be impacted, others already have loved ones in harm's way. However, they say they think the president is making the right decision.

"Our overall goal remains the same --to disrupt, dismantle and defeat Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and to prevent Al-Qaeda from threatening American and her allies in the future," Obama said.

Just about three-fourths of the Army 82nd Airborne Division is deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Tarita Harris, whose husband is a part of the 82nd Airborne, said she liked what her husband's commander and chief said Tuesday night.

"I like that he is able to come together, listen to the generals, listen to everyone else, concerns along with our allies, and then come to a really great end result," she said.

Harris' husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan. The president's speech has a direct impact on her husband and their family.

"I feel that it will hopefully bring him home safely, along with his other comrades that are over there," she said.

According to reports, the majority of troops in the president's plan will come from Fort Drum, New York and Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

But military sources tell ABC11 Eyewitness News that the 82nd 2nd Brigade Combat Team may also be included in those plans.

An 82nd spokesman says there are no official deployment or mobilization orders issued for the 2nd Brigade Combat Team.

Sources tell ABC11 those orders could come in the next several days.

In January 2007, the 2nd Brigade was the first Army unit President George W. Bush sent to Iraq to quell growing violence and insurgents there.

The Army says that surge reduced violence in Iraq by 95 percent.

Now back at Fort Bragg, the 2nd Brigade Combat Team is part of the military's Rapid Deployment Forces, able to deploy anywhere in the world in 18 hours.

Marva Moore, whose husband is deployed to Iraq, says for the first time since the war began, military families around Fort Bragg and the country finally see an end in sight.

"I like that now we know by 2011 all the troops will be out of Iraq," Moore said.

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