Outraged animal lovers take complaints to Perdue


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Animal lovers are outraged by disturbing video on YouTube, which shows animals being brutally euthanized. The footage has sparked outraged around the world. The problem is that video is 13 years old -- shot in 1997 at the old Robeson County Animal Shelter.

The shelter's director, Jeff Bass, says animals are now humanely sedated and destroyed. He says some animal groups have recycled the old video to try and discredit the new facility.

Bass says the shelter is getting a bad rap and he chose not to show his face on camera because he's getting death and violence threats.

According to the Director, he had problems with animal rescue groups in the past. A lot of it involves how long animals are kept at the shelter before they are adopted or euthanized.

North Carolina says there is a 72 hour minimum, but a Robeson County policy requires a 120 hour wait. Bass says the trouble begins when rescue groups come in and ask him to bend the rules and he says no.

"They wanted us to bend the rules here at the shelter to accommodate them," Bass told ABC11 Eyewitness News. "When I would not allow that, they got angry with me and ever since then that's where all the problems are coming from."

One national rescue group, MJ's Animal Sanctuary, says it has proof that animals at the Robeson County shelter are still being abused and needlessly euthanized. That group is calling for an investigation.

"The workers there are abusing and harming the animals, not giving them a chance to be adopted," said Beata Kinsey, MJ's Animal Sanctuary. "They are killing them right away. There is a very high rate of killings."

Bass says he's received hundreds of angry e-mails.

Perdue posted a response on her Facebook page saying that her office would look into the thousands of complaints she has received.

Bass says he keeps detailed records at the shelter and says he will gladly share them with animal rights advocates if they ask him and not accuse him.

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