Cary police release 911 calls in murder case


Officers found 28-year-old Jibrael Menelik of Apex shot outside a Cary apartment early Saturday morning.

Police say the incident took place at 700 Pony Club Circle off of Cary Glen Blvd. Shortly after 2 a.m., officers responded to a call about a gun shot. Neighbors also said they heard two men arguing before the gun shot.

When officers arrived, they found Menelik in the building's breezeway, but he was conscious. He died at the hospital.

On Monday, authorities released several 911 calls that came in early Saturday morning. The first call was placed by Menelik's girlfriend.

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She told the dispatcher that she was awaken by the sound of her boyfriend apparently arguing with another man.

    Caller: What woke me up was him yelling, saying get out! Get out! Get out, man! Get out!
    Dispatcher: Was that your boyfriend yelling or the suspect yelling?
    Caller: It sounded like somebody was scuffling.

The woman says her first instinct was to protect her 8-year-old son.

    Caller: I saw them walk in, and I shut the door to the room I was in and locked it. And I put my son in the closet first. And then when I was hearing them yell, I just took off and ran. I just know I saw one guy.
    Caller: They were trying to get into the room that we were in, and I threw my son out the window and I jumped out behind him and we ran.

Another caller reportedly saw two men fighting moments before the shooting.

    Dispatcher: Could you hear them arguing or anything?
    Second Caller: Yeah, a lot of shouting and yelling...
    Dispatcher: Could you understand what they were saying?
    Second Caller: Yeah. A lot of it was just like, get out of here.
    Dispatcher: Ok.
    Second Caller: Gotta get out now, that kind of thing.

That caller said he saw the suspect running toward a wooded area behind the complex.

Menelik's girlfriend told dispatchers she didn't know why anyone would want to harm him.

    Caller: I feel like he either knew who it was or they done something to make him come to the door.
    Dispatcher: Ok. Do you know if your boyfriend's had any beef with anybody?
    Caller: No. He hasn't.
    Dispatcher: Ok.
    Caller: Like I said, he's, he's not that kind of person. He's not. He's nice to everybody.

Meanwhile officers spent Sunday canvassing the area for witnesses. Cary police will have a meeting on Wednesday to update residents on their investigation.

"As we emphasized in our meeting yesterday with members of Mr. Menelik's family, we will continue to investigate and are committed to bringing swift and just closure to this case," said Captain Michael Williams, Cary Police Department. "We encourage anyone with any information to report it to the Town of Cary Police Department, their local police department or Crime Stoppers."

Anyone near the area during the time of the murder is encouraged to contact the Town of Cary Police Department at (919) 469-4012 or can file reports anonymously with Cary Crime Stoppers at 226-CRIM(E).

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