Controversy again surrounds Wake school board

WAKE COUNTY Now, the ABC11 Eyewitness News I-Team has learned that John Tedesco - the chairman of the student assignment committee - has been sharing his community based plan with the public and not necessarily with all of his colleagues.

"I have not seen a plan," Wake County School Board Member Keith Sutton said. "I've heard him speak about it, in terms of some of its components, but I have not actually seen a physical plan, no."

Sutton says it would it be frustrating to know that Tedesco may be sharing his plan with other people before the other members of the school board.

"Every member of the board was invited to sit down and share with me my views," Tedesco said. "I even sent an email to my colleague Mr. Hill yesterday saying, 'I'll shout it on the mountaintops what are my views. I'll buy an ad in the paper. I'll host a forum for the county. I'll share it with everybody. These are my views.'"

But Tedesco says his views are not the actual plan that will be implemented. He says the committee will still take nine to 15 months to finalize them.

On Wednesday, reporters asked to see a copy of Tedesco's plan, but he said he did not have a copy with him at the moment.

ABC11 later found him sharing his PowerPoint presentation with someone in the board room. Tedesco then said he would share his plan another day.

"If you'd like to sit down with me in a presentation for an hour, I'd be glad to do that," he said. "People see bits and pieces, people will say let me take this run this out to the community without knowing how the whole pieces work together."

Once other reporters started asking to see it, he finally decided he would give the one hour presentation Thursday. He is also calling a meeting with the whole school board on Friday.

Meanwhile, critics of the new board say they do a lot of stuff hush-hush, behind closed doors and the actions surrounding this plan -- who's seen it, who hasn't -- falls right into that.

Tedesco and his Republican colleagues would say that's not true and that some of their Democratic counterparts simply aren't working with them.

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