Fayetteville duo arrested during theft


The Fayetteville Police Department warned businesses after noticing the trend. They investigated the break-ins and eventually caught the two men in the act.

Authorities say witnesses reported a suspicious vehicle leaving a business after placing several items a 1992 blue Ford Ranger.

Forty-year-old Billy Lee and his brother forty-five-year-old Fabian Lee, both of Buckhead Road in Fayetteville were arrested around midnight Wednesday as they left All Pro Exhaust located at 734 North Reilly Road.

Both suspects have lengthy criminal records, which consist of larceny and possession of stolen property, among others.

Police recovered two catalytic converters, valued at $300 each, as well as a radiator and exhaust pipes.

The items, police report were about ten feet away from sign at the business that indicated thieves would be prosecuted.

To protect themselves from similar crimes, police suggest businesses like car lots should respond to alarm calls at their lots since police officers may not be able to determine what is missing.

In addition, they suggest storing high-valued items in a secluded area that is not visible.

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